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Free shipping on all orders above 400 USD$ and Free Returns

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Moon Boots

How to Style the Evolution


Moon Boot is characterized by experimentation whilst respecting tradition. It all started with the Icon, a timeless ski boot that has become an exhibit in museums worldwide.

By revisiting the design and lines of the original Icon, Moon Boot is expanding its footwear line: three new models are going to broaden its heritage and use in urban context. The models have been named the Light Low, the Pump, and the Mule and come in the essential white, red, and black and are made of nylon, wool, or shearling. With a narrower and lower sole than the Icon, they are the perfect shoes to wear everyday.

The entire Evolution range is ideally suited to the urban lifestyle, recreating a perfectly balanced mix of sportswear and utility, inspired by the hottest market trends. Designed to be worn with casual or more formal styling, or by trying your hand at experimental contrasting pairings, the Evolution constitutes the ideal choice for recreating a personal and detailed style capable of combining different attitudes.