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Free shipping on all orders above 400 USD$ and Free Returns
Free shipping on all orders above 400 USD$ and Free Returns

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Moon Boots


Icon Moon Boots are multi-sized... clever, right? Here’s how the technology works, and what you need to know to find the perfect fit.

  1. What is multi-sizing?
    Tired of working out whether your feet are an EU 38, 38.5 or 39? We’ve made things easy. Each pair of Icon Moon Boots spans a range of sizes, so you can shop with confidence and be sure you’re choosing the best pair for you.

  2. The foam lining moulds to the shape of your foot
    Plush, padded and designed to adapt to the size and shape of each foot, the technological foam lining is what makes the Icon Moon Boot so unique. Fun fact: the padding is bigger than the boot itself, so will feel snug at first, but begin to relax after just a few hours of wear.

  3. Go big
    Choose one size larger than you usually would. Each pair runs a little smaller than traditional shoe scales (we are in a dimension of our own, after all). If you are usually an EU 38, we recommend opting for the EU 39-41.


There’s no right, (left) or wrong

All multi-size Moon Boots are ambidextrous. Lightyears ahead of its time, the Icon was the first-ever design to introduce styles that fit both feet equally well.

We’re inclusive

We’re inclusive

These boots are gender-neutral, so you’ll find options from a size EU 36 up to an EU 47 in both the men’s and women’s categories on site.