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"Better Together" curated by The Pink Lemonade and powered by Moon Boot®

Better Together

In occasion of Milan Design Week 2024, Spazio Fonte hosts "Better Together", a collective exhibition curated by The Pink Lemonade and powered by Moon Boot®.

The “Better Together” format represents a fundamental pillar within Spazio Fonte’s creative essence, and embodies the vision of its founders: creating a space in Milan where people from around the globe can share art, culture, and experiences. 
Following the 2023 “Better Together” debut, today’s collaborative show is the result of teamwork between the three partners, further strengthening the concept of the importance of networking and friendship.

In selecting the art pieces exposed, Spazio Fonte has been sided by the lens of The Pink Lemonade - a digital curatorial project founded by Italian artist Francesco Vullo in 2016, with the mission of making art and visual culture more accessible to everyone.

Moon Boot® - being part of the permanent design exhibitions at New York's MoMA and Milan's Triennale - is delighted to support the philosophy and work of the designers involved artists involved, thus contributing to the synergy between friendship, art and creativity.

The exhibition offers an experience designed to challenge the viewer's perception of the world. Everyday objects undergo a metamorphosis, incorporating novel statements on commonplace themes alongside their conventional functionalities. This transformative process illuminates ordinary items in a new light, presenting unexpected configurations to demonstrate how the use of forms and materials can stimulate our imagination, blurring the boundaries between reality and fantasy, function, and aesthetics.

Spazio Fonte, The Pink Lemonade, and Moon Boot® extend this invite to come together and witness a fusion of elements and techniques, a thought-provoking exploration of the intersection between design and our daily existence.