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Free shipping on all orders above 300 € and free returns

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Moon Boots


Retrofuturistic, innovative, iconic: the design of Moon Boot has a heritage rooted since 1969, the year Giancarlo Zanatta founded the Tecnica Group from his father Oreste's shoe factory. From a vocation dedicated to the world of sportswear, Moon Boot has succeeded in creating an instantly recognizable and strongly identifiable footwear model. The shape of the sole and the trademark lacing have given Moon Boot the status of the ultimate ski boot, making them a one-of-a-kind type of footwear.

From the very beginning, the mission has always been clear: celebrating a universe of experimentalism in finding cutting-edge design forms and techniques that pay homage to the brand's heritage. Over time Moon Boot has become increasingly modular and bold, rewriting the aesthetic of flagship models such as the “Icon” as well as offering a series of reboots in bright colors (gold, silver, pink, sunflower yellow, military green, and even a reflective Reflex version) and contemporary approach designs as in Light Low Nylon, Pumps Nylon, and Mules. 


Whether in the mountains, in the snow, or on city sidewalks, the water-repellent uppers and the soles of different Moon Boot models will adapt to any environment and personal need.

Through a long process of stylistic changes and evolutions, Moon Boot has made its mark as part of the Italian product design, eventually being displayed at the Louvre among the 100 symbols of the 20th-century design and, today, is part of the permanent exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Milan Triennale.