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The brand

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20th JULY 1969

Some moments change history
and become legend

Giancarlo Zanatta, a young bootmaker and enterpreneur from Montebelluna, Italy, is visiting New York City and watches the lunar landing live along with the rest of the world. Moved by the moment and inspired by the peculiar shape and technology of the astronauts boots he sketches what will become one of the greatest succes of footwear industry and on his return to Italy he, and his team, design and develop the Original Moon Boot.

Original for Originals

Since the Early "70's", Moon Boot represents the symbol of irony, fashion & design. Original spirits feel Moon Boot like the most innovative and revolutionary boot, and a part of their lifestyle
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A journey alongthe history of fashion

To follow the history of Moon Boot is like to make an amazing trip along the story of fashion and design of the last four decades. Moon Boot adapted itself, changing design, colors and artwork even stick to its roots and identity. Moon Boot is an hero-product that marked an era, inventing a brand new category and becoming an International icon.