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Moon Boot

Moon Boot x Casestudy


Moon Boot has partnered with Casestudy, the concept store based in Seoul, Republic of Korea  to introduce a unique collaborative boot designed specifically for the Korean winter.
The collaborative project was brought to life within the concept store “Casestudy,” which is renowned for promoting a youthful and energetic lifestyle. The theme chosen for this collaboration is “Korean winter,” capturing the essence of Korea’s winter with two primary colors: “snow” and “gray.” These colors represent the harmony between modern buildings covered in snow which is one of the ubiquitous presence of Korean winter. The boots are uniquely designed with white ropes for laces and the ability to adjust the ankle part using a combination of laces and knit, enhancing not only various styling options but also providing improved insulation and functionality. 

Casestudy x moonboot
casestudy x moonboot