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Moon Boot

The Yeti Goes on an International Pop Up Tour


This year Moon Boot has created unique pop up spaces around the world focusing on fluidity and tonality, and taking inspiration from the Rubik’s cube, reinterprated in our own way. Italian illustrator Carolina Guzzini has captured the essence of the concept by illustrating the different locations and their highlights, of course featuring our Yeti in these various locations.


Moon Boot and Yeti invite you to discover the pop up at one of the following locations:


Rinascente, Milan

Laforet Harajuku, Tokyo

Stockmann, Helsinki

Bahne, Aarhus

Atmos Pink, Osaka

Ferner Jacobsen, Oslo

Le Bon Marché, Paris

Galeries Lafayette, Paris

Boontheshop, Seoul

Level Shoes, Dubai

Harrods, London

Selfridges, London

Breuninger, Stuttgart

Kadewe, Berlin


Illustrations by Carolina Guzzini