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Free shipping on all orders above 300 € and free returns

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Moon Boots

Discover the Moon Boot Kids’ Collection - Back to School

It might be the start of a new school season but let your imagination run wild – it’s also time to book your next adventure.  Whether your mini explorers dream of outer space or their sights are set somewhere closer to home, prepare them to take on the universe – starting with the right footwear.
The Moon Boot kids’ collection combines functionality with playful design. Styles are suited to mountainous terrain and sub-zero temperatures, so while their feet might remain on planet Earth, the boots they’re wearing will be out of this world.


If a trip up the mountains is in store, the waterproof ProTECHt sneaker boot is the style to choose.

The kids’ range comes in a variety of otherworldly styles: choose from signature nylon in vivid colours, shimmering metallics and chrome finishes that look suited to life on Mars. And if your baby hasn’t taken their first step yet, the Crib Moon Boot will make sure they’re kept just as warm as everyone else (and look as good, too).


The Icon Moon Boot needs no introduction – it’s the ultimate snow boot. Primed for après-ski activities and moon landings alike, this gender-neutral design is made for everyone in the family.

It’s ultra-fun yet seriously fashionable and packed with practical details: think insulating padding and tread soles that provide extra grip on icy surfaces. The extended rubber sole will put a spring in your step both literally and figuratively.

What’s more? The Icon will last growing children longer than a single ski season; the super-squishy foam lining means each pair spans a range of sizes. It moulds to the foot to offer a snug fit and supreme comfort, so it’s a lot like how we imagine it would feel to wear clouds on your feet.

And we’ll let you in on one last secret...

The criss-cross tubular laces may look complex but the boot simply slips on. It’s ambidextrous, too, so not a minute will be wasted getting ready. Prepare for lift-off: wherever you’re headed, always aim for the stars.