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Free shipping on all orders above 300 € and free returns

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Moon Boots

Moon Boot Lands in LA: It’s Your Universe

We’re conquering new horizons: Moon Boot has officially landed in La-La Land.

Bringing extraterrestrial elements to planet Earth (more specifically, Los Angeles), we’ve touched down on new terrain to document the city’s wonderfully eccentric residents… and their out-of-this-world style.

In our quest to champion originality, we’ve tracked down individuals who embody our values – discovering a new generation that dismantles tradition.

Introducing the rising stars of the Moon Boot universe, where self-expression is celebrated and everyone belongs. These style trailblazers dare to be different. They’re not afraid of the spotlight. Coming from every corner of the globe, they fly the flag for freedom, creativity and uniqueness.

Here, imaginative minds come together and style the inimitable Icon in a way that makes them feel like their best selves – through unfiltered authenticity, eschewing gender norms and propelling them out of this orbit. From bikers, surfers and skaters to fashion designers and artists, this LA collective proves the Icon transcends seasons, places and trends. It’s universal.

Immerse yourself in the inspirational world of Moon Boot and proudly show the world who you are.